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Home Page
Welcome to our first Web site promoting "Country Mile Organics".
We are located in the sunny Region of Wairarapa, New Zealand.
We Have begun to create an organic farm with a view to becoming certified in the future.
At this stage we are looking to accept a limited number of membership applications, so we may begin crop planning for possibly this season or next.

Our Passion is to provide clean, tasty, Chemical and GE free produce to a select few committed customers in the greater Wellington and Wairarapa Regions.
This web site and any future upgraded one, will be one of the many ways our customers can find out what we are doing, place orders, organise farm visits etc etc....
If this interests you please click on the link below and register your interest with us.
When we are up and running we will refer to the "register your interest" list and give you first option if you are still keen.

Register Your Interest